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TAC Home Remodeling was a natural progression from Tennesen Aluminum Corp. When the Tennesen family started in the remodeling business over 30 years ago most of the exterior products were aluminum. Windows, doors and exterior siding. As the business changed so did Tennesen Aluminum and that is where TAC Home Remodeling was born. After about 5yrs of windows , doors and siding TAC progressed into decks and sunrooms. After another 5 years TAC evolved into a complete home remodeling company. Which now specializes in kitchens and bathrooms as well as complete exterior renovations.

TAC has built a strong reputation for high quality workmanship and professional installation of products.

Our experts will ensure that your project from start to completion will be something the homeowner and TAC will be proud of.

Let us give you the beautiful windows, doors, deck, kitchen or bathroom you deserve.

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